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National Designated Authority

About National Designated Authority (NDA) for the Green Climate Fund. The National Designated Authority (NDA) is an interface for climate Funds. Currently it is a focal point for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Adaptation Fund (AF). The NDA manages processes and operations related to these Funds in Zambia. It coordinates all climate change programming and financing to ensure that the projects are within the development priorities of the country. It implements the No-objection letter which means that the project or programme is in conformity with the country’s national priorities, strategies and plans. The essence of establishing the project office was to fully capitalize and balance between mainstreaming the functions of the National Designated Authority in the national development planning process,

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The Green Climate Fund

Following the resolutions and commitments of the Earth Summit, other climate change financing mechanisms came up. By 2010, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) was established to provide technical and financial support to climate programmes and projects in developing countries.

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Adaptation Fund

In 2001, an international fund that finances programmes and projects aimed at helping developing countries to adapt to the harmful effects of climate change was set up under the Kyoto Protocol of the UNFCCC.

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The year 1992 saw several countries gather in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil at the Earth Summit and signed up a treaty – the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to combat climate change by limiting average temperatures increases as well as to cope up with the resulting impact of climate change.

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NDA Programming for Sustainable Climate Finance

Hon. Alexander Chiteme ,
Hon. Alexander Chiteme ,Minister of National Development Planning
“We are resolved to continue working hard to mobilize the resources from various climate change financing windows to finance climate responsive 7NDP programmes and projects. We will also in collaboration with other Government agencies support other alternative ways of financing development projects contained in the plan such as public private partnerships, joint ventures and absolute private sector initiatives while maintaining our focus on completing on-going projects.”
Mr. Chola Chabala
Mr. Chola ChabalaPermanent Secretary (DPA),Ministry of National Development Planning
“Zambia has in the past experienced adverse impacts of climate change including climate variability, extreme weather events and other systematic climate changes over the last several decades. Droughts and floods have increased in frequency and intensity over the last two decades and this has adversely impacted on food and water security, energy availability and general livelihoods of our communities.”
Mr. Danies Chisenda
Mr. Danies ChisendaPermanent Secretary (M&E, DC), Ministry of National Development Planning
“As a Ministry and secretariat to the 7NDP Mid-Term Review process, we are glad that the participation of various stakeholders in this process has been broad in line with the integrated approach to development adopted by the Government.”
Mr. Francis Mpampi
Mr. Francis Mpampi NDA National Coordinator
“We are proud that Zambia’s project pipeline reflects a consultative process, at the national and regional level, driven by the NDA. A call for expressions of interest was launched earlier this year to solicit inputs from stakeholders to hear what projects should be brought forward or scaled up, as well as to get a sense of which entities are the right ones to put forward as candidates for direct access. This has helped us focus on how to achieve our aims.””

Who can Access the Funds

Any institution, public or private sector could access the funds, as long as the institution is legally registered and meets the required standards set out by the Zambian Government and the International financiers.

How can one Access Financial Support

Applicants seeking financial resources from the GCF and the AF must submit their concept notes on their projects and programmes through the Ministry of National Development Planning. The Ministry will after receiving the submissions, convene a meeting of technical experts through the NDA to review the concept notes to ensure that they meet guidelines.

What tyep of projects can be accepted

All viable projects and programmes that lead to the limiting or reduction of greenhouse emissions and contribute to increased resilience, or adaptation of livelihoods to the adverse effects of climate change, innovative ideas, capacity building, and strengthening programmes/projects are eligible for funding.

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About NDA

About National Designated Authority (NDA) for the Green Climate Fund The National Designated Authority for the Green Climate Fund was established in August, 2015, in conformity with Governing Instruction and falls under the Development Planning Department in the Ministry of National Development Planning.

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